Lucy Brave + Free

Sunday, September 13, 2015

On the eve of Lucy’s fourth birthday, the parallels between labor and grief strike me–the rhythm, the randomness, the ebb and flow. As I ran this afternoon the world seemed lavish in yellow (sunflowers, monarch butterflies, goldenrod, leaves falling, bright fall sun) and it occurred to me that the parallel extends; I am giving birth again this year, on her birthday. Grief batters and breaks, but it also invites. Who do you choose to become, it asks? Will you allow beauty and compassion to be born from your pain, or will you harden in anger?

Today I finished a 33-day journey in meditation and mindfulness: One foot dipped in to an inner strength and confidence I’ve never experienced before, and so much more to discover. I am more peaceful and powerful than I have ever been; I am being reborn from pain.

Also today, my Arbonne team and I launch a Go Fund Me for the non-profit Nika Collective: Light and goodness spread as babies and toddlers in Nuevo Vida, Nicaragua get their morning milk, micronutrients, and urgent health care needs met as a result of your donations in honor of Lucy.

I’ve said before that anyone grieving knows there’s no sense to be made of it all, no justification for the trauma. But I can tell you from my heart today, that beauty can be born from pain. Perhaps one day it’s possible to be thankful for the very thing you most wretchedly hate, and surely it’s possible for light to come from the dark! Thanks for partnering in our Brave + Free campaign for Lucy. All my love and gratitude to you!

Go Fund Me Link (and find the link to purchase truckers): HERE