all i got

Sunday, June 21, 2015


i posted the link to this on facebook and it didn’t work for a lot of you, especially if you don’t have spotify premium (which you should, ha!) so here you go! this is for a four-mile tempo run, preferably executed around 6am when the sun is rising and it’s beautiful and cool outside! good tunes motivate me to wake up and lace up, so i hope adding a few of my lists to your mix helps you too! also, i more or less make them to be played in a certain order assuming i’m pretty sleepy for the first few songs and building in intensity per tempo pace, then ending with a cool down. i don’t want to be annoying posting playlists so follow me on spotify if you want more!

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a taste of silver – until the ribbon breaks

the show – lenka

do you remember – jarryd james

love is all i got – feed me, crystal fighters

whistle (while you work it) –  katy tiz

sweet ophelia – zella day

crave – parachute

transcendence – lindsey stirling

the honey – grace

hood go crazy – tech n9ne, 2 chains

love lockdown – glass animals

let go – frou frou

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girls weekend

Saturday, June 20, 2015


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kinda just a little bit nostalgic on this slow summer night in the small town, as the deep gold shadows settle. missing waking up from a late afternoon nap in a hotel bed, music on while we get ready, then happy hour and a leisurely dinner…the night still young at 10:30.

thank you timaree and erin, for being in my corner. thanks for shopping, brunching, dining, spooning, dancing all night, drinking cocktails, and just being girly and silly with me!

cheers, to the irony of hard things making it so easy to be together. cheers to truths that my ears and heart can absorb, only from a certain pair of lips–tears that are a complete communication, when understanding eyes see.

i love you both. life is heavy, but our wild and free is still alive and well!! until next time!


hold my hand

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I recently saw this quote by Muhammed Ali: “Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.” And I’m like, what if there’s pebble after pebble, a valley behind, and a mountain both underfoot and ahead? I’m tired and bored of my life being hard, of waking up in the morning knowing my life is hard before I’m fully conscious. I’m afraid of a mental rut being created, and want to think of my life differently. But is grief the kind of animal that can be harnessed with determined positive thinking? Can it be caged by boundaries–like how possible and realistic is it to stop words not kind, true or necessary when you’re this worn out, angry and anxious and can’t even SEE what’s true?

I keep moving forward though vulnerability and new challenge. Getting back up as best I can when I fall. Keep on just hanging onto the hand of the one I love. Trying to close my eyes to how seemingly charmed the lives of others in my network are (all I want is to hear Lucy and Tobin playing right now as I drink my tea. To just see them be siblings. Why me?)

I keep on literally running. Through the rage and stunning loneliness, running like I’ve been running this past year and a half: through every pebble, valley, and mountain. Learning to give less and less of a damn if I am pleasing people, learning how strong and terribly weak I am.

Thanks to all of the friends and family who keep hanging onto me, holding my hand. I know it’s not easy. Here’s a new running playlist–it’s made for a 3-mile tempo if you have a 5K coming up. I’ll be making some for 4-milers and 400 speed workouts too. XO

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begin again – Purity Ring

Delilah – Florence + The Machine

The Shade – Metric

Chingalinga – Alyxx Dione

How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah) – Sevyn Streeter

BO$$ – Fifth Harmony

Pretty Girls – Britney Spears

Hanging On (Edit) – Ellie Goulding

Hold my Hand – Jess Glynne